Michael John A. Delos Reyes – CSR and Recruitment

michael-john-reyes-profileHello 🙂

I am highly motivated, driven and hardworking. I have over 11 years of work experience in Food Handling, Customer Service, Contact Center, Office Admin and Recruitment.

I am currently working as a Recruitment Coordinator/ On-boarding Specialist. With over 4 years experience in recruitment performing sourcing, job postings, interview arrangements and scheduling, phone interviews, Offer Letter creation and extension and back office support doing admin and office management. With my present job, I am part of the pioneer team that initiated and implemented the account. Office management is also part of the job as I am doing on-boarding and candidate application management. I’m currently using different applicant tracking systems, Various HR tools, Sharepoint, MS office, etc.

Prior to my recruitment experience, I was in the BPO industry. I have worked in several companies responsible for Customer Service, Billing, Sales and Technical Support. I have attended various trainings to enhance my customer service skills. I have supported different regions exposing me to different types of michael-john-reyes-vacationpeople and cultures. I struggled when I began to work in the call center industry as I am not used to talking to different races but my eagerness to learn and willingness to be successful made the work easy and fun.

My first job was as a marketing assistant. The experience here was never easy and required physical and mental effort. It was challenging but at the same time it was fun. I got to deal with different people: adults, children, professionals, etc. This job honed my skills in dealing and speaking to a lot of people since I was a fairly shy person before. Unfortunately, my contract ended after over 2 years of service.

Back in college, I took up Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering and I am a National Certificate II holder in Food and Beverage services too.

I like to stay at home after work and during rest days. I’m a funny and jolly person – that’s what others say about me. I am very easy to train, willing to learn and easy to talk to. I value time and am very sensitive to other’s time as well. When I started with my first job, my father taught me to always be punctual and never be late or absent at work, and I have adopted this philosophy. I am a team player and I always promote a fun and healthy work environment. If you will let me work with you, it will be my pleasure to apply my skills and experiences to be a great asset to your business. 🙂

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