Patricia Rae Dayondon Remeticado – CSR, Recruitment and ESL Tutor

Close up of Patricia Rae PerrySuccess comes from a mixture of great ambition, extreme dedication, superb problem-solving and decision-making skills, high tolerance to pressure and unyielding integrity, all molded together by working hands and thinking minds. I want to help you succeed in your business by bringing those attributes to the table.

I have years of experience in the field of Customer Service, ESL Teaching and Talent Sourcing/Recruitment combined, and you can rest assured I’m the total package you’re looking for in a VA.

Not only do I have the required skill set and experience, I also have the right attitude – to work both independently and with the team. I’m a huge team player and an aspiring leader. As we are all imperfect, I’m someone who can easily bounce back from my mistakes and take coaching and feedback seriously – I believe they are the whetstone to my sword of knowledge.

I came from humble beginnings. I was raised by my mother all by herself when my father died when I was still an infant. She couldn’t attract decent-paying jobs as she only finished elementary and with what she could make, we barely survived. My life was hard, and it hardened me.

I did my best to be top of my class from elementary to high school, and it paid off when I went to college. I became a scholar and worked to finance myself and my mum.

Virtual Assistant Patricia RaeI worked in the BPO industry for almost five years and it taught me a lot – how to deal with people, to be patient and calm even though you’re so close to snapping, to thinking there’s always a better way to solve problems, to putting yourself after your customer, to adapting to changes (in the process) and to always leave personal matters at home, clear my head and just focus on the work. I always thought that even if this was a bad day for me, I can make someone’s day good.

ESL Teaching and Home-based Sourcing/Recruitment taught me the same, but they have more impact in molding a more reliable person in me. I always see to it I’m on time for my class and my work, and a day doesn’t pass by without me going that extra mile for my students/clients.

I did all these with ambition and dedication. The goal was clear in my head. I acquired the skills and continue to perfect myself with more useful skills and the right attitude towards success.

I can work independently and with a team. However, I strongly believe working with a team makes everything a whole lot better. Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.

I wish you success and look forward to working with you.

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