Raquel Estrella Rodriguez – CSR and Administrative Assistant

Raquel Estrella Rodriguez Virtual AssistantHi there – I’m Raquel 🙂

I’m 31 years old and a single Mum of one. I work hard to make ends meet while juggling the demands of being a parent to my 10-year-old son. I’ve learned to be independent at a very young age; thanks to my dad who taught me how to. I remember when I was in fifth grade, I would peddle anything just to make money. That was how I discovered my flair for business, which I’ve carried well into my adulthood.

I landed my very first job in the BPO industry back in February of 2012. I found it very tough having to adapt to the culture, unstable shift scheduling, and the almost unrealistic key performance indicators. Thank God, I managed to handle all of them with relative ease and grace… something I have always done with the curve balls life has thrown at me all of these years!

By and large, I have always seen myself excelling in almost anything I put my heart into, albeit there were times that I admit seeing myself almost wallowing in despair… especially when my parents broke up. I see my resilience and grit as the two things that helped me get back up on my feet, refusing to let life wear me down.

Over the course of my life, I have fallen headlong way more times than I can count, but I always get back up, and here I am still running the race… only stronger, wiser, and even better.

If you give me the opportunity to work with you – I’ll put my heart into helping you and your organisation succeed.

For a copy of Raquel’s resume please click here.