Valentine Perret

Valentine Perret - Customer Service Hi there, and welcome to my Profile! I look forward to assisting you with your business needs! I specialise in administrative services, bookkeeping, customer service, travel and event planning. However, you will find me useful in more ways as I will give everything a go to the best of my ability. I pride myself [...]


Venus Veridiano

Venus Veridiano - Test Product Engineer I am Venus Veridiano, 39 years of age, a mum of 2 kids, and a wife of an OFW. I am an Engineering graduate and have worked in a semiconductor company for almost 14 years. Due to the pandemic, I was retrenched from my job in November 2020. I grew up in San [...]


Edit Szilagyi

Edit Szilagyi - Sales Representative, Administrative Assistant Hello, my name is Edit, originally from Hungary. I pretty much spent my childhood in a chair next to Brigi’s (I honestly do remember her name), the Assistant’s chair in my Father’s office, listening to grown-ups talking about business, then looking up at her computer, wondering about all those numbers. I wanted [...]


Zion Kristoffer Isobal

Zion Isobal - Administrative Assistant Hi, my name is Zion Kristoffer Isobal. I go by Zion or Tis, that’s how people close to me call me. My interests and hobbies revolve around basketball, chess, biking, jogging, dogs and books. I’m a big fan of David Baldacci’s novels as well as those written by Joel Rosenberg, Dan Brown, Robert Ludlum, [...]


Rachelle Jade Trance-Dicman

Rachelle Dicman - Customer SupportHi, my name is Rachelle Jade Trance-Dicman. I am a graduate of Mass Communication with the University of Baguio, batch 2013. I am the youngest child among four siblings, and a wife to a loving husband.Like any other Filipino, I ventured into different jobs after graduating so that I could provide well for my family. I [...]


Karen Donkin

Karen Donkin - Marketing Manager Here's me in a nutshell :) I am forty-one years of age, female, married, and have a busy little 5 year old. I arrived in Australia on 12 Feb 2020 with my family from South Africa. I spent 10 months in Perth, before relocating to Gold Coast, Qld! I am highly organised, love spreadsheets [...]


Doreen Amor Acaylar

Doreen Acaylar - Administrative Assistant, Ecommerce Hi, I am Doreen Amor Acaylar, and this is my story. Once upon a time...the end. Just kidding! I'm not a fan of a stiff environment because it's boring. We can always inject life with a bit of humour, and still be successful. Seriously though, I am a single mum. I have one [...]


Mary Joy Estillore

Mary Estillore - Customer Support Representative "Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards" according to Soren Kierkegaard. Indeed, I’m a strong believer of a saying "Better days are coming so just move forward and enjoy life." I’m very pleased to introduce myself – I am Mary Joy Estillore. I prefer to be called as [...]


Jechrife Pulido

Jechrife Pulido - Customer Representative Hello there! My name is Jechrife Lumagason Pulido, and I would just love to share with you a little bit of my unique name's origin, "Jechrife". Well, it's actually a combination of JEsus CHRIst and FElix Y. Manalo (Executive Minister of Church of Christ/Iglesia Ni Cristo, my Religion of which I am a proud [...]

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