Audrep Pearl Ceniza Tingzon – Team Leader, CSR and Sales

audrep-ceniza-vaWorking as a Team Leader always made me think of my people. I have not only improved their performance but also touched their lives. The most effective way to get your people’s buy in is to know their motivation. As a leader you always need to include that in your coaching sessions and daily one on ones. I have worked in various accounts in customer care, escalations, retention, sales and technical support. All of which has honed me to become the leader I am today.

My roots started as a humble nurse but due to the lack of salary and assigned with a heavy work load, I left that industry. I was enticed to join a local call center. I started as an agent then was promoted as an SME. I always made sure that I will always be on top of my game. Healthy competition kept me going. A few months after I joined the management team and became a team leader.

For the longest time, I stayed in the team lead position – reason being is I love to be close to our front-liners. I love improving, motivating and challenging hard working agents to beat their very best day in day out. Success comes to those who work hard. I can always attest to that because of the team and the agents that I have worked with.

Today, I have decided that I want to spend more time with my family at home. I have missed a lot of things and family milestones as I have stayed long hours in the previous office that I worked with. I realised that I can enjoy a minimum interaction with my family and working at the same time in the comfort of my home. I then chose to join remote working.

I am very excited to experience what it is like to be away from the buzz of a busy BPO and be a stay at home worker. I am willing to engage to new heights and be part of a very dynamic, goal centered and fun team.

I can say I am easy to train and flexible in any job assigned to me. I am also particular on small details and delighted to accept both positive and negative feedback. I love improvement. I will always challenge myself to improve daily.

Thank you for reading some details about me. I am excited to be part of this wonderful and growing family. Hope to meet you soon in our future endeavours.

For a copy of Audrep’s resume please click here.