Carlyne Therese Beloso – Customer Service Specialist

carlyn-therese-beloso-formalA pleasant day to you! I’m Carlyne Therese B. Beloso, please call me Ryle. I am a 57-year-old Filipina born and raised in Manila, Philippines, an only child and a mother of two grown sons. I come from a hard-working family that values love, dedication, discipline, and communication.

I am a Customer Solutions Officer with 5 good years of experience with Australian accounts. I have excellent communication skills and I would be very happy to assist you with your concerns. Building rapport with customers and valuing their confidentiality is my main priority. My experience includes data entry, transcription, email management, inbound customer service and recruitment. Currently, I’m focused on upgrading my skills and learning something new like copywriting through free training on Youtube. Little did I realise that my hobby of answering questions in Quora on various topics turned out to be content writing.

Having a Bachelor of Music degree, I taught Voice and Piano lessons to individual students ages 6 to 75 years old for almost 30 years. Also at that time, I was part of a production outfit that made me explore various types of work from carlyn-therese-beloso-with-santaproduction staff to a Voice Coach, to a Voice over talent for documentary films and radio ads, all on a freelance basis. When my parents passed away, having to support two sons, I needed a full-time job. I was encouraged by my close friends to explore jobs in the BPO industry. That’s when I realised that Customer Service and Office work were quite enjoyable and I loved the connection we had with thousands of customers each week, over the phone.

I have this relentless passion to learn and constantly improve in anything I do. I love to connect with people and always aim to do the best for our customers. Thinking out of the box, being a good listener, asking specific questions to solve their concerns and seeing how satisfied they are with the service matters so much to me. I’m a good team player, open to changes and always consult with supervisors on matters that need to be escalated or dealt with urgently.

I enjoy the interaction with people from various countries and those wonderful conversations and laughter we share inspire me more to serve them better to achieve a balanced meaningful life both for me and my customers.

For a copy of Carlyne’s resume please click here.