Jane Aires P. Del Puerto-Mercado – SEO and Project Manager

jane-mercado-portraitHi! I am Jane Aires del Puerto–Mercado. I am 32 years old, married and I have three kids; two boys and a girl.

I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Davao Medical School Foundation. My course in college is far from my profession right now, but since then I would really like to take up Computer Science. Unfortunately, my aunt and uncle – who are the ones who paid for my college education – wouldn’t allow me to take that course since according to them we are living in a third world country so we are always behind with technologies.

So fast forward…

I graduated college and eventually returned to my hometown, Cagayan de Oro City. I did not review for the licensure exam but instead I started looking for jobs and began as a sales call center agent then a technical support representative. I ended up quitting the job since my health was already at risk. I got paid higher but every now and then I do go to the doctors for consultation regarding health issues. The call center industry is not really for me.

My husband is a Computer Programmer/Developer working in a local company so that paved the way for me to shift to a different career since most of his friends are in the industry and as I am very willing to learn, so a friend of his helped me to learn SEO and Content Writing. It was not that easy at first since my college days were mostly filled with medical terminologies and everything related to the medical field. But with determination and perseverance I was able to learn all of them.

A few months after, I started job hunting online using online jobs portals and I was was hired by my first client. It was a rough start as I didn’t know anything about the job that I was accepted for, but my client was very patient in training me and even after hours I used that to study the skills and tasks so that eventually I learned and was able to perform my tasks efficiently.

My first online job was all on WordPress and Adwords. After almost a year of working with this client, our contract came to an end as my client decided to work as a missionary in Haiti.

Job hunting never stopped as I was already in love with the concept of working at home online. I got a job as a social media specialist managing different social media accounts for an MLM Expert. When I became pregnant with my first born, I decided to quit working online and prepared myself to be a full time mum.

It was around 2012 when I was hired in a local company as an Affiliate Marketing Manager/Project Manager but in 2013 our boss was killed and so the company declared bankruptcy, and so my husband and I had to look for other online jobs again.

I landed a job later in 2013 as an SEO Specialist, then I was promoted as a Project Manager. This was my longest online job since the colleagues were really easy to work with so with this employment I learned a lot of things. As an SEO Specialist, I got to promote SEO Strategies, prepare reports, communicate with developers and do constant meetings on progress with the sites I handled. When they promoted me to Project Manager, I became so loaded with tasks, since I handled both SEO and the Web Team, so I had to meet these two teams almost daily as well as include my constant meetings with my employer. I left this job during the first trimester of my pregnancy with my third child since I was advised to take some rest since I often experienced contractions that might end up with me losing the baby.

Through the years of my experience working online, I must say that I have learned a lot of skills, and I am happy with what I have become through the struggles and trials that I experienced. I am still looking to learn new things that would help my clients with his/her businesses and eventually it would also add to my skills set.
What I like about working online is that we get to learn a lot of things almost daily. I am used to working under pressure and working according to deadlines. I am a flexible worker, I can work independently, work with a team and I can even handle a team!

Right now I am looking for a fulltime and long term work that could help me enhance my skills further, meet the needs of my client and would love to be part of his/her business growth.

Some of my skills would include, Project Management, WordPress Skills (I can design sales pages and even write content for it, can install plugins, setup and integrate with third party software). I have worked with several WordPress Content Builders like Thrive Architect and Beaver Builder. I know Email Marketing as I have handled several Email marketing softwares. I can write content (SEO, Sales, Website Content, and Information).

These are just some of the skills I know, but rest assured that if you choose me to be your Virtual Assistant, I will do my best at all times to provider you with excellent service/outcomes in every task given to me.

Looking forward to working with you and becoming part of your business growth.

Thank you!

For a copy of Jane’s resume please click here.