Jennylyn Ameena Elysha Diesta – Real Time Analyst and Technical Coordinator

jennylyn-ameena-diesta-profileHi! I’m Jennylyn Ameena Elysha Diesta. In short, Jen.

I always believe that nothing worth having comes easy”. I can’t remember how many times I failed final interviews. But I’m glad I never lose the will and determination that one day, I’ll land a job.

I’ve been working in the BPO Industry for more than 8 years now. I must say that for all those years, I experienced different job roles. I started as an agent, and eventually became one of the team players. Then, I became the Point of Contact for the most difficult task. As a POC, I process escalation emails, coach my team members, facilitate weekly team huddles, handled QA Calibrations with US Clients, training newbies, and answer questions for difficult requests. I also created process documentation that became very essential to my team. I also helped the QA doing evaluations, sending out our team’s daily status report and manage our queues. All of these gave me confidence and enthusiasm to do more and go beyond what is expected of me.

I also experienced working as a Workforce Real Time Analyst. My job is about monitoring the queue, make agents adhere to their respective schedules and notify the team if the headcounts cannot cover the requests that will be coming in. While working as an RTA, I had the chance to continue my studies. I go to school in the morning and go to work at night. It is very exhausting yet, a fulfilling experience. I had an opportunity to be a marketing staff, researcher, social media assistant and lead assistant, all as part of my internship. I even had the privilege to be a part of a big E-Commerce event and I attended business trainings with my manager as a Brand Ambassador of an international ecommerce company. Unfortunately, my health suffered so I had to stop schooling.

After everything that I have experienced, I thought I’ve already reached the highest peak of my career. But I was wrong. I was given an opportunity to apply for a jennylyn-ameena-dieta-vacationdifferent position with another company. Me, being a Technical Coordinator is quite overwhelming, as I don’t have background as a Tech support. It’s another challenging experience, I started from scratch. Eventually, I was able to familiarise myself with the process. Perseverance is the key.

I realised that for us to reach our goals, we must open ourselves to trying new things. Continuous learning, listening from other people’s perspective and experiences are some of the things I took that leads me to what I am now.

Thank you for your time reading my story and I’m looking forward working with you soon!

For a copy of Jennylyn’s resume please click here.