Jojo Abulencia – CSR, Appointment Setter and Lead Generator Specialist

jojo-abulencia-workHi! My name is Jojo Abulencia.

I have been in the BPO industry for 5 years now. I am well-experienced in Technical support and customer service. I excel in making sales calls. I am a very reliable, highly competitive and result-oriented person.

I became successful in my BPO career by being assertive, persistent and resilient. I believe that the most important factor to being successful in this industry is being punctual, having no attendance issues, completing projects on time and giving importance to all the things that you do.

One thing that I have learned during my stay in the BPO industry is to always work with dignity. Meaning, you should know how to follow the company’s rules and regulations and work with minimal to zero supervision.

We as freelancers always ask the same question every time we apply to a certain company; how much is the rate? But in a short jojo-abulencia-vaperiod time of me applying as a Virtual Assistant, I realised that the company we are applying to should also ask us (VA’s) about our RATE…

R-RELIABLE enough to do the tasks?
A-do we have the right ATTITUDE?
T-have the TALENT to accomplish the tasks?
E-EXPERIENCE in doing the job?

I could say that I have the RATE to be a good Virtual Assistant.

For a copy of Jojo’s resume please click here.