Jolan Legaria Canencia – Customer Service and Administrative Support

jolan-canecia-profileApril of 2009, I finished a year stewarding course but I was studying marine engineering for 3 years before shifting. By June that same year, I got my first job as a Bingo card seller. It was a hard job because you have to sell the card every game and if someone forgets to pay, you will be the one who will pay it. I stayed there for 5 months.

October 2009, I applied as a Customer Service Representative in a BPO company. I was promoted as a Team leader 2 months after my regularisation. It was a challenging job as you are managing 15 – 20 agents under your team. There are always ups and downs but I managed to overcome everything. After 6 years, I transferred to a different company and worked in Technical Support and was promoted as a POC.

Almost 7 years of working in the BPO industry, I felt tired and thinking that I don’t have any social life because I’m all tied up at work. I decided to resign and look for another job. I was hired at one of the well-know billboard companies in Bacolod. I’ve been a telemarketer as well as a personal assistant of the owner. Managing her emails, answering calls, and setting appointments and meetings for her. It was fun but again I decided to resign due to the salary. I thought really hard and decided to go back to the BPO industry.

In December 2014, I submitted my resume to another company and immediately got hired as a Customer Service Representative. After 2 months of working with this company, I was promoted as an Operation Support Admin under Human Resources. I was so motivated to work because I always kept in mind the trust and obligation the company had given me. I’ve been an employee for 5 years until the company was hit by a financial crisis. We were placed on floating status because of that. After a month of no work, I decided to resign and look for another job.

jolan-canecia-outdoorsNow, I am currently working as a Chat Support Representative at a well-known BPO in Bacolod City. We are tasked to respond in chats. We troubleshoot client’s complaints regarding their services.

My experience in a high-pressured environment has taught me to be detail-oriented, resilient, and flexible in using different tools provided by the clients. I am a hard worker, a good listener, a fast learner, and adaptable to meet my employer’s time zone. I value my client’s trust and commit myself to any job, taking full responsibility for completing a project on time.

I believe that working remotely or virtually gives opportunities to those who want to grow professionally and develop their skills and talent in the comfort of their home while providing excellent and satisfying results to their client.

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