Kate Paola Mallo – Customer Service Representative

kate-paola-mallo-profileHi Everyone,

My name is Kate Paola Mallo. You may call me Kate, but my family usually calls me Paola.

I am a graduate of Mass Communication major in Journalism. When I started working months after I graduated, I initially worked as an Executive Assistant for a medium scale business. The experience was great especially as a new graduate, but in order for me to support my family I had to leave for another job that pays enough to support our necessities.

That’s when I started working as a Technical Support Representative for an Australian Telco. I had the chance to broaden the little knowledge I have about technology and share it with people who needed assistance. I love being able to help out people with their technical concerns, especially when they express how happy they are about the support I have provided. There are even times that I get commendations coming from non technical persons ending up really happy about finally understanding how the technology works. After four years of being a Technical Support, I decided I also wanted to experience being a kate-paola-mallo-vaCustomer Support Representative where I have assisted both Australian and Canadian Accounts. I’ve handled both inbound and email support. I was quite enjoying my experience as Customer Service Representative until this pandemic happened.

This was the turning point that led me to decide to look for a job that will allow me to work from the comfort of our home. It’s a bit hard as I am the only person working in our household, but I know I have to try. I started reading about home based jobs. I even joined groups that give out tips about working from home. I had doubts about how I can land a job online and it was really hard for me as I didn’t have any idea how to start. But knowing that there are other people like me who started with zero knowledge about home based jobs, I thought it will be worth it too. I have high hopes about being a successful home based employee and l would love to work with people who will help and allow me to grow professionally as a home based worker.

Something interesting about me? I have four dogs and a cat. All sleeping beside me.

Thank you for taking the time to know about me. Looking forward to working with you soon.

For a copy of Kate’s resume please click here.