William S. Dellosa II – CSR, Social Media and Administration

william-dellosa-profileFrom a rich kid to a mediocre life, until everything was gone at one point in my life and I got back up. This is a short and simple way to describe what has happened in my life, but it has so much more to it than what you just read here.

My family was tied up to the biggest agricultural company here in the Philippines known as SUMIFRU Philippines Corporation, you can Google it to see how big they are. My father started doing business with them back in 1980 until everything fell apart in 2011. He was the number one supplier of chicken manure to all farms for that company that is located in different areas of Mindanao. Chicken Manure is also known as Chicken Dung, it was the best fertiliser at that time, YES, it’s shit, but when plants take that up, they convert everything to something that they will benefit from and without giving consumers any health problems.

I was learning my father’s way about how he handles his people, the BIG time clients, and even the small clients. He was gifted to have good PR (Public Relations) skills in his time, and I was able to adopt that. At least one good thing came out of that learning before he died in 2014. When the business went into bankruptcy in 2011, my father tried his best to get back on track, even sacrificing his health and not considering his age. My father was betrayed by his right hand out of william-dellosa-bondingjealousy and greed for the success of what my late father was achieving. My father’s record in delivering fertiliser was of 100% pure chicken dung and nothing was added to that.

But greed and jealousy came into the scene and took the spotlight, that right hand I was talking about was my father’s driver. He added some Hog Manure to the chicken manure, knowing that will not be noticed as the fertilisers were delivered in huge volumes of sacks. Then came the day when the employees who were in charge of applying the fertilisers to all the plants opened the sack… and they saw the Hog deposits. Procedure is they file a report about it and send it to the higher-ups, and from that very moment, our lives took a downward spiral.

For three years, my father carried the guilt and the burden of not being able to provide for his family. When it was time to check his body’s condition, he broke down and fell ill. My father was eventually admitted to the hospital for almost 2 weeks, fell into a coma, until we decided it was time to let my father rest in peace, and the plug was pulled. My family became poor. We were only able to eat twice a day for two days in a week.

Still, one good thing that came out of this was when I was learning with my father during his prime days – I was able to converse casually with other people that I didn’t know. There were no boundaries, no shame, no shyness, or being afraid. I was free as an eagle. That’s when I decided to put my English speaking skills to earn money, and applied to the BPO industry. There I was extensively trained to new environments that I knew nothing of, started working, and experienced trials like being terminated due to lack of knowledge, performance or seen as being hopeless. BUT I never gave up, I applied with another company and showed them what they were missing and what I am capable of doing.

I lasted seven years in the BPO industry, and turned out to be the best individual I am right now. Being best in Customer Service Support, Administrative Tasks, Back Office Web Researcher, Web Scrapper, fast and accurate encoder for CRM (SalesForce), proficient Data Entry in Spreadsheets, Excel, Ms Word, adequate SEO tool user (Hunter.io), Email Management… and still hoping to learn more as I go through the life of being a Virtual Assistant.

For now, I am a father to my only son and thriving for the best in my career today. I have always wanted to work online at home and with a convenient benefit of being with my family all the time. Now this right here is just a quick overview of what my life was and what I decided to do for my family’s future. I haven’t included those days where I did physical labor and worked day and night just to earn a small amount of $5.00 which is PHP 250.00 in my country’s currency.

This is who I am, no more no less. I hope I do deserve to be a part of your team as I will be also waiting to hear from you, my dear friend.

Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

For a copy of William’s resume please click here.