Yves Angeles – Property Management Specialist

yves-angeles-vaHi! My name is Yves Lowell. My family and friends call me Yves so it will be awesome if you can do the same.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Unfortunately, due to the challenges we encountered when I graduated, I didn’t have the chance to take the board exam. After finishing my studies, I immediately searched for a job that would fit my skills and knowledge which I acquired during college. Lucky enough, I was hired by a semiconductor company and worked as an Equipment Engineer for three and a half years.

Working in the semiconductor industry, I felt that something was missing. I started to figure out my life purpose, the reason for my existence. I left my job to pursue a different career. That was when I met a recruiter who left a mark on my life. These were his words after telling me that I wasn’t accepted for the new job I was applying for: “There are 365 days in a year, if you learn one thing each day then you learn 365 things in a year”.

I started looking for something that will make me a valuable part of a team and acknowledge my true knowledge and skills. I found my passion through working as a Virtual Assistant. Helping clients to save time in doing their administrative and office jobs, especially their paperwork. I found joy knowing one of my clients can now spend more time with his/her family. That’s when I remembered the previous recruiter, learning one thing a day will be beneficial. I did not stop only doing tasks given by my client but also learn new things that are beneficial for us both. Eventually, I was promoted as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the property management field for Australian real estate businesses. Helping not only the clients but also other virtual assistants to finish their tasks efficiently for three years.

yves-angeles-vaI’ve participated in developing effective processes and workflows that could increase productivity and efficiency.

With my professional work experiences, I have acquired different skills that I could offer you:

  • Data Entry
  • CRM Software Management (Real Estate)
  • Google Suite and Office Applications
  • Email Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Research and Reporting

I am a determined person who doesn’t want to stop learning different skills. Always eager to develop and succeed in whatever I’m doing. I am a critical thinker who finds solutions to every obstacle I face. I am very keen when it comes to details and accuracy which helps me deliver exceptional results to every client that I work with.

I look forward to working with you.

For a copy of Yves’s resume please click here.