Anna Paula Policarpio – CSR, Social Media

anna-paula-policarpio-profileAnna Paula Policarpio is the name and making your life easy will be my game. My friends and family call me Pola.

I took up a Bachelor of Science in Business in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. I was a working student at that time. A student in the morning, a contact center agent in the evening. However, I wasn’t able to finish my studies because I got pregnant. Nonetheless, I don’t have any regrets because now, I have a 3-year old who makes me happy every day!

I am always that person who wants to be a good example to my daughter, so I worked my heart out and studied so that I would be good at my chosen field. Since I am in the contact center industry, it developed my vocabulary, communication skills, and analytical skills.

When I was a kid, I always loved the English language as much as I loved the Filipino language. I always watched documentary films and even cartoons in English. That is why I became fluent at speaking the language. My hobbies include watching Netflix and writing. I’m used to writing everything that I feel.

When I felt that I needed to be somewhere else, I conquered the world of Virtual Assistants. This industry enhanced not just my communication skills, but also my passion… writing. It made me love what I do even more.

When I had the chance to work and earn with doing what I love to do, I made sure that I did all these things not just for monetary purposes, but also for my anna-paula-policarpio-by-the-beachpassion.

As a Virtual Assistant, my tasks were managing my client’s CRM, email management, calendar management, social media marketing, lead generation, cold calling, answering, and making phone calls/emails. My duty was basically to provide good quality of services, especially when it comes to customer service and virtual assistance, and continue to enhance my skills in all these fields and hopefully contribute what I’ve learned from my previous jobs.

I believe when you are in the BPO industry, you must not be just good at the things that you are doing. I’ve always believed that your attitude towards work is the most important ingredient to becoming successful. You always have to be someone who is doing the right – even when no one is there to supervise you.

I am looking forward to being part of this company and providing my service to the clients in need.

For a copy of Anna’s resume please click here.