Brylle Dignos – CSR and SEO Specialist

Brylle Dignos PhotographyHi! My name is Brylle Dignos and here’s a brief life-changing story of my life working as a Virtual Assistant.

Life was not easy for me as I am the only son and a breadwinner for the family. I started my work journey way back in 2010. I was a call centre agent at that time, working for a small startup call centre company. It was sad that after 6 months I was laid off from the company as they were having challenges and needed to cut a portion of their employees.

God is so good to me though, because another opportunity presented itself. My friend offered me the opportunity of working online and home based. So, I gave it a try, venturing into this new field. My first job was as a general virtual assistant. However, while working I studied Social Media Management and SEO to improve on my skills and become more valuable to my client.

Soon after, I became an SEO Specialist and Social Media Manager helping clients’ businesses to grow. And I have been doing this with much success for around 16 months. If you give me the opportunity, I know I can also help your business’ online presence grow with my skills.

For a copy of Brylle’s resume please click here.