Shane Gonzales Gacita – Human Resource Management

shane-gacita-profileHello! I am Shane Gacita!

I have a background in Bachelor of Science in Nursing because it was my first course back in college, but due to unforeseen events that my family was going through at that time I had to stop for a year and when I came back I pursued and got my degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Studying human behaviours has made an impact on how I deliver excellent customer service and build rapport with people I have worked with.

My approach is always collaborative and open. I have learned that in order to provide top quality service, you must understand the needs of your clients, not just what will benefit the business, but also what they personally prefer as it is equally important. You must be able to deliver outstanding results with minimum supervision, be highly organised with attention to detail, and be open to changes necessary to obtain great results and service.
I am skilled to handle all levels of an organisation, interviews, office and sales management, administration, travel planning, trainings, documentation, customer service, telemarketing, answering email inquiries, data entry, social media management, event management and lead generation.

Shane at the BeachI recently a received Q1 Best Coordinator Award from our company with competitors all over North America and the Middle East, and I was nominated by our director from Canada. It proves that I am hard working, efficient, reliable, always eager to learn how I can improve myself and the process that I am involved with. I am also patient, good at multi-tasking, trainable, see every hardship as an opportunity to learn and I have a positive outlook towards challenges… this is how our stakeholders described me.

I am currently performing recruitment coordination, office administration, process improvement, updating of training materials, training of newly hired employees, answering requests through email and calls, documents gathering, and supporting adhoc projects from our manager.

I have worked in consultation, education, technology, medical, operations, and financial industries all throughout my 5 years’ experience.

In my free time, I like cooking and hosting dinners for my family, babysitting my niece, binge watching series, travelling locally and watching volleyball games live because it brings me so much joy reminiscing about the days back in college when I was a team captain of the women’s volleyball varsity team.

Thank you for reading my story.

For a copy of Shane’s resume please click here.