John Vincent Dy – CSR, Operations and Management Support

john-vincent-dy-formalMy name is John Vincent Dy. I have been in the Customer Service Industry for 7 years. As a college student, I took fitter machinist hoping to step foot on a cargo ship, but the time I spent learning the course made me realise that blue-collar jobs are not for me. Determined to find what’s really for me, I did my research and found out about the call center industry. That’s when I got into the BPO Industry.

In the 7 years that I have worked as a BPO agent, I’ve handled several accounts – Customer Service (both inbound and outbound calls), Order Taking, Collections, Billing, Business to Business, and Travel and Reservations (hotel bookings). During the span of my career, I have assisted various businesses and learned valuable skills which include a strong command of the English language both oral and written, multi-tasking, and providing excellent customer service. I also have excellent knowledge of MS Office applications, Avaya Proactive Contact, Dialpad, Google Suite, Zendesk, and CRM and I am also knowledgeable in creating process procedures.

Through the hard work, patience, and knowledge that I have gained in my years of experience, I have come to one of my biggest achievements. I became a Team Lead for a US-based travel agency. The work I did as a Team Lead includes handling escalations and client communication, monitoring calls, and assessing agents’ performance, providing coaching and feedback to improve agents’ performance, and creating and updating processes.

As a person, I always seek self-improvement so while I have been working as a team lead, I enrolled in an online course as a college student again. I took B.S. Entrepreneurship knowing that it would help me. And now, I can say that I have applied what I have learned in real life.

Unfortunately, things went downhill for me. When Covid-19 hit us, my agency had to lose some of its workers. Being the person that I am, I refused to be idle. I observed the events that are happening around us and realised that having a home-based job is more likely to be the safest and wisest choice. I quickly looked for good home-based jobs.

Through thorough research, I have learned about freelancing jobs. Having found out about the endless opportunities that the freelancing world can offer me, I became more fascinated and took an online course about freelancing.

Studying freelancing led me to master new skills that would be extremely valuable and beneficial to my job. My knowledge has expanded to Social Media john-vincent-dy-outdoorsMarketing and Management, Simple Website Creation, Management and Optimisation, SEO on-page and off-page, and transcription.

As I have a keen interest in learning new things and surpassing my achievements to those of greater ones, I am very dedicated to freelancing because I believe that doing this would help me with self-improvement and would lead me to achieve greater heights not only in terms of experience but in terms of achievement as well.

Thank you and have a great day!

For a copy of John’s resume please click here.