Mary Ann Francis Francisco-Curilan – Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Formal image of Mary Ann FrancisMy name is Mary Ann Francis – you can call me Mary, but I prefer to be called Francis. I know it’s traditionally a man’s name… but I like it and it suits me. 🙂

I’m happily married to my best friend and we have two kids.

I want to be part of your team because I know I can share the experience and knowledge that I have built up over my years of work. I am also confident that I will do whatever it takes to provide you with my best work, and you have my dedication to perform the duties and responsibilities of being your Virtual Assistant.

Doing what is right is my motto.

I also believe that sharing and spreading good vibes in your work will lead you to have good working relationships and a healthy work environment.

My work experience covers around 10 years now.

Photo of Mary Ann Francis' Wedding DayMy interactions with clients and colleagues has been through a wide range of industries including Real Estate, Medical and Health Care, Legal, IT and Travel. I’ve become proficient at phone and email handling, lead sourcing, property management, and understand the workings of CRMs.

I’ve worked as a:

  • Virtual Assistant in the Real Estate Industry
  • Executive Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Travel Specialist
  • Account Manager, and
  • Production Specialist Assistant

I know that all of my experiences from my previous roles has equipped me to become better at providing an excellent customer experience.

I’m a keen observer, detailed oriented and always make sure that I provide quality service.

For a copy of Mary’s resume please click here.