Sofia Angela D. Aguilera – CSR and E-Commerce

Hi, I’m Sofia!

Sofia Angela AguileraI started working in the industry of Customer Service when I was 15 years old. Taking customers’ inquiries for breakfast, cooking orders and returns for lunch, and savouring computations from sales of my past experiences.

I started working in the BPO industry when I was 18 years old. I handled calls, chats, emails and backend jobs like data entry and excel and sheets.

I recently discovered the world of Virtual Assistance and with my past experiences together with my skills as a hired Shopify Guru and Partner, I have created 4 online stores that are up and running and I have been micromanaging 2 of them.

I have experience and skills in MS Word, MS Excel, Google Sheets, Shopify, Etsy, WordPress, GoDaddy, HTML, Liquid, Adobe Photoshop, C9, Filmora, Professional Photography, Fiction Writing, Editorial writing, Data entry, Virtual Assistant, Call Answering, Chats, Email handling.

If your company requires more experience and skills, I can learn all of it in a day or two. I believe having the knowledge and having the strength to learn more makes you stronger rather than having the knowledge and not wanting to learn more. I always give space for growth. I value deadlines. I always submit my work on time and sometimes earlier. You won’t have a problem with me with regards to time management because I know how important time is.

Sofia Angela Aguilera DiningIt has been hard for me being an independent woman due to family problems, but that didn’t stop me from building a career. I may be an undergraduate of BS Information Technology, but I am highly skilled. I will learn from time and if given the chance, I want to go back to school while working. It may be tough, but I know I can do it.

I want to share my experiences with your company and also learn and live out your visions so that we may prosper together in the future. I am willing to learn and willing to take criticisms for my growth.

I know I am only 20 years old, but imagine my skill set and what I can learn more for the next years. I know I can be an asset to your company once you hire me because I know my capabilities.

I hope you can consider me as a part of your team and we can work together as soon as possible. I won’t waste your time because again, I know how important time is. Time is gold, and gold has a high value of money.

For a copy of Sofia’s resume please click here.