Angelica Gomez – Sales, Social Media and Executive Assistant

angelica-gomez-profileHi! My name is Angelica but you can call me Ann. I am a proud mother of 2 girls. They are both in elementary and doing so well. I took up a Bachelor of Science in Nursing when I was in college because providing help and care to those who are in need is what I love doing the most. But I had to set my priorities straight and decided to change my career path when I had my first baby.

Before starting my career from home, I worked in an office-based company as a customer representative for a year or two. I handled inquiries, disputes, order processing, billing, and technical support which I considered to be the best training ground for improving my communication skills. Unfortunately, I decided to leave the job because I could no longer endure the long hours of travel due to the traffic situation in my area. I felt that my time was being wasted and I was missing a lot of special moments with my family, especially with my daughters.

Then, I found out about the opportunity of working from home. I landed my first home-based job in an ESL company and worked as a tutor to various types of students from different countries which I enjoyed very much. More doors opened and one job led to another. Then, I came across a job post regarding Virtual Assistants, and with faith, determination and hard work I was able to get my first gig as a VA.

Now, I’ve been working as an Executive Assistant / General Virtual Assistant for more than 5 years and I am experienced in handling various administrative tasks and knowledgeable in using different tools/applications that are necessary for the job. I can work as a team player and I can work independently as well.

I managed to provide help with great capability for several clients and I am always willing to go above and beyond from personal to professional tasks like travel angelica-gomez-bondingarrangements, file and document organisation, replying and monitoring emails and text messages, answering and directing calls, billing and accounting activities, writing and keeping records, vetting potential clients and projects, maintaining and updating a client’s social media or professional profile, creating graphics and video advertisements, content writing, data entry, lead generation, and all other related tasks.

Although I have years of experience in this field, I am still open and willing to learn new things that can contribute to achieving our goal. Besides, I strongly believe that this job requires continuous learning and growth.</