Marie Flor Adviento-Raymundo – Administrative Assistant

marie-flor-adviento-raymundo-formalHello, I am Marie Flor Adviento-Raymundo.

I grew up in Baguio City. I became independent when my parents separated.

I worked as a Student Assistant at University of Baguio, where I studied Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Engineering. I used my salary to pay my tuition fees. I worked at the University’s Mass Communication Laboratory. That’s where I learned lots of computer skills such as editing photos and video marketing. I also assisted students enrolled in English as a Second Language Course. This was my first step to the workforce and it really helped me grow a lot.

A friend of mine introduced me to an office-based job. I applied for it and was luckily hired. The company eventually closed down, but my client contacted me and offered for me to continue the job and work from home. I then tried looking for more clients so I could earn more and make the most of my extra time.

I have met different clients from different countries within different industries such as coaching, Real Estate, marketing, and sales. They taught me different kinds of tasks and tools to use. Working from home is the best job I know so far. This is because I can still manage to take care of my kids and see them grow everyday.

marie-flor-adviento-raymundo-daughterMy family loves to travel so we travel every weekend when I don’t have work. I also manage an apartelle owned by my in-laws. I am the one in charge of looking for tenants to rent the units. This was an opportunity for me to have another extra income while I stayed at home.

I have been a home based VA for 10 years now and I am very confident that I have enough experience to contribute to your team. To be an effective executive assistant, one must have keen attention to details. This is the strongest trait an assistant must possess.

I have 10 years experience assisting different clients in different sectors such as coaching, real estate, SEO, and internet marketing. I am well-spoken and have attention to details. I can work under pressure and send reports with fast turnaround. An assistant-client relationship is all about team work. An ideal Executive assistant – Client relationship is a healthy communication.

For a copy of Marie’s resume please click here.