Reynadel M. Nicor – Administrative Assistant


My name is Reynadel and I’m the eldest child among five children. I was born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines where I had a wonderful childhood. My father used to work abroad as a seafarer. So he was away from us for short bouts of time to provide everything that we needed as a family. My mum was a housewife who took care of us while my father was away and sold food from home. We had this little food stall that she ran while all of us were at school. I can say that we had all the things we needed.

When my dad struggled to cope with the feelings of being away from us (he was so home sick) and decided to quit the job – our lives suddenly changed. Though we are complete and happy as a whole family we struggled financially. My mum continued to sell food and my father worked as a project-based Construction Operator. My grandmother is the one who put me through High School and College.

Back then, I used to be a shy person and did not join any clubs or get involved in any school activities. For me this was the better option as it allowed my grandmother to save and use the funds for other important things.

reynadel-nicor-outdoorsAfter school I went straight home and during night time I would rent a video tape and have a mini ‘movie house’ at our home (our living room). We advertised by putting up a banner outside our house with the movie title and our neighbors would watch movies with us by paying an entrance fee. I would also prepare some popcorn and ice pops to sell while they were watching movies. It was also my way of saving up to cover some of my school expenses.

I graduated at AMA Computer College for a vocational course and worked for about 2 years. Then my aunt, who is a nurse in the USA, convinced me to pursue Nursing. I commenced my studies and graduated in 2009. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to pass the Licensure examination. I became despondent and decided not to take the Board Exam again, and decided that Nursing was not for me. In order for me to help my family financially, I have worked in the BPO industry for almost 10 years.

Working in a BPO helped me a lot. It built my confidence and also developed my communication skills. On top of that I was able to learn how to provide good customer service and build relationships/rapport that resulted in customer satisfaction. I have worked for a famous US online retail store, Australia’s leading Telco, and an American company that makes point-of-sale terminals, automated teller machines, and business consumables. In my 10 years of work experience in the BPO and corporate world, I have always challenged myself to do my best, to always put my heart to everything that I do, and to make sure I have something to put down on the table to eat.

I thought that I was going to live the life of working in an office forever but something was still missing. I got married and gave birth 2 years ago. Then I realised that success is not about the position and how much you earn. It is about the feeling of being complete as a person. Now I have my own family, I decided to quit the corporate world and started freelancing in January this year, so I can be with my son and attend to important family events and earn at the same time.

Success happens when you make it happen. No matter how big or small, as long as you are happy and you love what you are doing. I know I still have a lot to learn and continue to progress. It would be my pleasure to be at your service, anytime.

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