Stefania Morris-Costigliola – Customer Service, Training & Quality Administrator

stefania-morris-costigliola-profileBuongiorno/Good day all, I am Stefania.

If my name has not given it away; I am Italian! I was born and raised in the beautiful Napoli. If you have not visited Napoli, this is a brief, yet accurate description…

It’s nestled between the giant and silent Vesuvius and the steaming of the Campi Flegrei. Napoli is a metropolitan city made of a thousand contradictions. Loud, amusing, passionate, melancholic, volcanic, spiteful and generous. However, full of desire for all that life has to offer. And let’s not forget… this is where Pizza originates from.

I left Napoli when I was 19 years old in search for adventures in a new land. Living and growing up in Napoli comes with many challenges. One being next to impossible to get a job and I was determined to get a nice office job where I could prove myself in the corporate world, and make my late dad proud of me.

When I landed in London I did not speak any English. I remembered some basic grammar from school but that was the extent of my knowledge. In the year ahead I worked as a cleaner while trying to learn English. I was so determined to succeed that I used to walk stefania-morris-costigliola-skatingaround shops asking questions about products/items pointing words out of the dictionary. In doing so after a few months I could already have a conversation where people understood what I was saying most of the time.

A year later, in an effort to improve my spoken English I took a job in a service station where I had no choice but to practice the language 10 hours a day.

In the second year of my adventure I successfully secured the dream office job, working in Emergency Assistance for holiday-makers, which allowed me to gain some valuable skills. Within 3 months in this job I was promoted to Supervisor. I was so happy with my efforts I wanted to achieve a lot more!

Taking my career a notch up I moved to a new organisation where I became very proficient in Assistance and Claims Management of Private Health Insurance, which saw me deal with many VIPs and Celebrities. Within a year in this organisation, having achieved all that I could within my role; I sought yet another opportunity in the same organisation. This one was much bigger, ambitious and scary! But my Neapolitan sense of adventure needed to be satisfied. So, I put in a proposal to my boss that would see me travel to New Zealand and look after a project for the next five years. My boss, without hesitation, agreed! I could not believe it. I spent a very wonderful 5 years in a stunning country, with a position I loved, an exciting project that came to successful fruition and I was very proud to have achieved it. At the end of the 5 years I returned to the UK, where I continued to expand my skills in the same field and qualified as an Office and Business Administrator.

Then came the prince that stole my heart and we married. This time the dream became a little bigger. I wanted to live in a warmer country, but not quite sure where that would be. And my husband said, let’s go to Australia! And here I am now.

I am proud to say that my journey so far has given me the opportunity to gain extensive experience in administration, providing service support, data entry, and filing as well as managing busy diaries, schedules, emails, customer enquiries and coordinating intricate and extensive travel arrangements ensuring the team is in the right place at the right time, with the correct information and necessary equipment. I have been sought after many times due to my dedication to the job. I am known for consistently delivering results and making the jobs of those I work for easier by anticipating and adapting to rapidly changing schedules while running a clockwork operation. Overcoming challenges presented by multiple conflicting priorities is an area I excel in. My eye for detail means I adopt a common-sense approach to solving problems, and I have a reputation for streamlining systems and processes to boost efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

I am a highly motivated person, striving to learn new skills all the time and putting a smile on my employer’s face.

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