Ranilo Vince Figuerres – eCommerce and Administrative Assistant

ranilo-vince-figuerres-casualHello! My name is Ranilo Vince Figuerres. I can be your all-round freelancer because of my previous experiences. I started working in the call center industry as a Customer Service and Technical Support Specialist where I was also given a chance to become a Level 2 Tech Support Member for the escalations team and responsible for supervisory calls. After working in the call center industry, I started my venture as an online independent freelancer on the Upwork website on 2011 where I worked with different clients from different countries. I truly enjoyed what I was doing because I love working and helping other people to meet their needs by providing my skills and services in a timely and professional manner.

Some of my clients were Google back in 2012. I worked with them as a Data Entry Specialist/Web Researcher. I also worked with a financial company in the US as one of their Operational Reports Analysts where I was the one in charge of creation and maintenance of their financial reports for an automobile store company. That is why I have extensive experience in Excel, Google Docs and Database building.

After being a Reports Analyst, I also worked as an E-commerce Specialist where I was the person responsible for the creation of an online store which included the client’s website (Shopify/Big Commerce site) and to have more sales/online presence I also helped my client in the US to setup their additional stores in eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook Shop and Craigslist. I handled the vast role for the operation of their store by doing the chat/email support, product listing, photo editing/enhancement, content creation for social media posts and customer interaction, inventory management up to order processing.

I also have experience and passion for trading the financial markets from stocks, options and currency. So, if you need some assistance with the financial markets, I can also be of great help.

My latest job is as a Virtual Assistant with a marketing company where I am the person in charge of each companies’ social media content creation and publication. The client that I worked with assigned me to different companies so I create their Facebook page from scratch and I generate original images and quotations for each company’s needs so they will have more views and engagements online from a different range of their customer. We also boosted their posts to become ads to maximise the power of social media.

ranilo-vince-figuerres-snorkelingWith all of my wide-ranging experience, I can say that my strength lies in Office and Administration. I love being the back office support of the company making sure that every detail and the data needed is highly accurate and updated. I prefer working with numbers and databases since I believe this is my forte. When I worked with Google before, I was not just a curator of different data, I was also a quality analyst where we also performed and checked all the quality of the topics that we were curating making sure that all data submitted by our curators was carefully fulfilled. So, it’s already embedded in my personality that I have a high attention to details.

And most importantly, I have to be honest that I may not know everything with regards to any projects/tasks that you want me to do for you so I can lighten up your workload. But the one thing I can promise you is, I am very willing to learn and be trained if you need me to be, so I can become an asset to your company. Because my passion is to help my clients succeed and that includes you having a well-balanced life because your friends and family deserve to have more time with you. 🙂

For a copy of Ranilo’s resume please click here.